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Regression Therapies

Regression is discovering and reliving earlier experiences that have caused present complaints and conditions.

What is Trans-personal Regression Therapy?

Trans-personal Regression therapy is a form of work aimed at resolving past experiences from the very core of their existence. It works on evident, positive breakthroughs from past experiences. The Life transforming changes result in the following; to name a few.

Trans-personal Regression Therapy is an expanded and specialised form of past and current life regression therapy. It helps to find solutions and answers to many issues and situations in the current present whose cause be be difficult to trace or associate.

It is a blend of the spiritual and physical sciences which forms a strong and long lasting foundation of insight in the human mind. It may often clear many lifetimes of Karmic baggage and bring in fresh energy.

Change your interpretation of where your life is, and who you are, and the world will change around you. Our effective life transforming programs are a combination of private one-to-one sessions which aim at reaching specific goals for the mind and body. These are designed to suit individual experiences bringing the desired shift in just a few sessions with long lasting results.

Benefits of Regression Therapy

  • Trans-personal Regression Therapy brings mental clarity, mindfulness, and self-knowledge.
  • It creates an understanding towards people and liberates from limiting beliefs.
  • Trans-personal Regression is popularly known to create emotional balance, enhance self-confidence, restore empathy and self-acceptance.
  • TASSO also helps to obtain relief from psychosomatic disturbance, low energy levels, stress and physical pain.