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Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy Practitioners Training

A focused approach to infinite possibilities.

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Hypnotherapy is one of the most powerful and probably the safest tool at our disposal to transform our lives.

Our Hypnotherapy Training Curriculum in collaboration with EKAA aims to impart professional quality education to individuals who are seeking a fulfilling career and making a positive difference through the powerful approach of hypnotherapy.

Master your mind. Master your life.

The mind is an invisible body in us and around us, you cannot see it but you can feel it and sense it all the time; everything that happens to us in our body and our environment is the manifestation of the mind.


EKAA (formerly known as the California Hypnosis Institute of India – CHII) is the FIRST ISO 9001: 2008 Certified Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy Training Institute in India and recognized globally as one of the standards of training for Hypnotherapy as an alternate form of healing and wellness.

ISO Certified

EKAA is the first ISO Certified Institute which offers the most comprehensive course in Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy.


EKAA certification allows to attain the position of an Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapist and the opportunity to practice professionally is nearly 23 countries across the world. EKAA is affiliated with the International Medical and Dental Health Association (IMDHA), TASSO University Holland and various certifying institutes in the US and UK.


What differentiates EKAA from many other institutes is: it’s holistic approach across the mind, body and soul. Therapists are trained to deal with issues from the standpoint of psychology, body, emotions, and spirit. No background in any form of healing or therapy-based work is required.


The course is based on hands on practice and experience, under the supervision of the well-trained facilitator. Post course support is available throughout the course and even after to ensure you can be effectively established in your practice.


Hypnotherapy is one of the most powerful forms of therapy to create life transforming changes. Hypnotherapy is now on the priority for both physical as well as psychological health and increasingly more and more companies and corporate offices are hiring personnel qualified with such profound mind-based skills.

Become a Certified Professional Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy is best described as the science of mind and as an education and a communication process to a person’s mind. It is a form of psychotherapy which uses the power of the sub-conscious mind to overcome challenges and to facilitate opportunities.
Using this technique one can find out limiting beliefs, thoughts and incidents that are causing emotional, mental and/or physical problems to them. These beliefs and thoughts can be then replaced with new functional ones to enable a person to be effective and productive in every area of life. Hypnotherapy works on the basic phenomena that once a person makes changes internally, at the sub-conscious level, the outer manifestation and behaviour changes automatically.

The process produces an altered state of awareness through physical and mental relaxation by addressing the individual’s subconscious mind. The critical faculty of mind is by-passed and the subconscious openly receives the communication through the ‘power of suggestion’.

Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy is emerging as a popular alternative therapy procedure and is widely accepted as a beneficial, psychological therapy to access one’s inner potential. Free will,desire, belief and expectancy are necessary for this altered state to have effect in the outer behaviour of the individual.

Join us now Become a Certified Professional Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapist.

EKAA is the first institute to conduct and offer certification courses in Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy which integrates Clinical Hypnotherapy with other modalities of healing.

Dr. Yuvraj Kapadia, an internationally acclaimed Clinical Hypnotherapist and considered to be amongst the most dynamic and inspiring of motivational speakers and teachers in India.

Yuvraj Kapadia and the Ekaa team have now hosted many workshops in Kenya. The vision to integrate and present holistic health with scientific backing.
Ekaa foundation are firm believer in Self Empowerment and stoke the fire of strength and wisdom in every person who is seeking a change in their lives The uniqueness this programme is the ability to convey spiritual tools and concepts, which can be easily applied to everyday life situations such as money, health career and relationships, resulting in life transforming benefits for many. This is achieved by working through ascending levels of training.